20150622 Ankara (16)

MDP visiting the new cable car in Ankara

The city of Ankara (Turkey) has just inaugurated a new Public Transport line to connect Şentepe neighborhoods to Yenimahalle metro station. The Cable Propelled Transit mode is the chosen technology. This is a mono-cable type, manufactured by Leitner (http://fr.leitner-ropeways.com), with 10 passengers cabins and an expected capacity of 2400 passengers per hour in each direction. Four stations are spread over the 3200 meters of the line.
MDP visited the area to assess the implementation of this infrastructure (insertions, impacts, maintenance mode, operation, etc.).
A Government of Nepal delegation has also been welcomed in Ankara by MDP during this visit. This allowed the attendees to understand this original and modern mode. That one would fit to equip the city of Kathmandu for which MDP currently realizes an opportunity study.